Here is my latest pattern set. As you can tell, I chose stripes. Lots and lots of stripes. It is 24 patterns in total, so make sure you are ready for that many lines in one picture. I love stripes, especially on clothing, but I get bored with EA’s so I made my own. This is the end result. I did get a little carried away, but I love them nonetheless and I hope you all do too. There is a vertical and horizontal versions for almost every style (apart from 2), with recolourable channels varying from 2 to 4. Do be aware, some of the horizontal styles due to the thinness may look odd on certain items depending on the stretch of the UV map and tiling. There is nothing that can be done about that, its how the cc is created, not the pattern. You can see that in the preview shots with the walls which distort thin lines. 

Anyway, the archive contains both the sim3pack and package files along with the preview images. So any stripes you don’t want, just match up the names and delete them. I hope you enjoy this massive pattern pack and its stripey awesomeness.



Mediafire | Onedrive


as always, if you use my content, feel free to tag me using PeacemakerIC, I would love to see what you are doing with my creations in your game. 


Rihanna in Norma Kamali (Can’t Remember to Forget You Music Video)

YA/A Female
Everyday / Formal / Swimwear
*sims3pack & package available*

Download Here (ʃƪ ˘ 3˘)


Ellen Chair by Ronja





As requested, here’s the button-nosed sweetie I used as a model in one of my uploads.

HairAlesso Dream / SkinGumdrop / ContactsBig Q Edit / EyebrowsHigh Brows / EyelashesS-Club Privée / Blush: Tip of Nose Mask / LipsEphemera / OutfitHeavenly Touch / NailsNataliS / Shoes: The Sims 3 Store


Just a simple shirt for for females. Three channels, two presets. Preg morph included.




[Sr] BlushN1heart

> all ages
> female
> sims3pack & package
> recoloured

I hope you enjoy \o/

Download .rar
MF (only, sorry)


The Sims 3 Violence And Aggression by bella3lek4

This mod adds 12 new violent interactions that can be chosen when clicking on a target sim .

Watch Mod’s trailer here :

This is a pure-script mod so it shouldn’t conflict with any other mods , So it works with Nraas’s mods , and my other mods [ Disasters & Blessings AND Awkward Moments & Humiliations ]

These interactions are not autonomous , So Sims will not randomly go around town hitting other sims without leading them to do that .

After performing any of the Violent interactions , the 2 sims will become enemies and will get certain buffs such as ” Humiliated ” for target sim , and ” Calm ” for actor sim .

Other sims around the the sim that performed a violent action will notice and will react according to their traits .

This mod contains new Custom Animations for each interaction .

You only need Base Game to install this mod   

* Available Interactions *

Slap : New custom interaction for slap that uses custom animations .

Punch .

Kick Crotch .

Head Grab .

Head Punch .

K.O Punch .

K.O Kick.

Body Stomp .

Body Slam ! .

Chest Break !.

Neck Crack !.

Fly Punch !. 


Note   Interactions with ” ! ” Are deadly and will cause death to the target sim .


Mod The Sims



77 pattern -59 Plaid





Although I’m 3 followers away from 1200 (yesterday I was only 1 away, guess the bitching costed some, sorry), I really want to share my Enekjaer save which I built up in 9 hours yesterday: I really like how it turned out and I never really made big follower gifts so it’s about time.

What it has:

  • 10 families, all of them were introduced in my populating project.
  • 32 community lots (city hall, business park, police dept, salon, fire dept, school, lab, library, bakery, port x4, graveyard, gym, spa, cinema, diving lots x3, beach, consignment store, park x3, hospital, art gallery, grocery store x2, book shop, dining x2, dive bar x2)
  • 10 empty residential lots
  • 4 empty community lots


CREDIT: fagersims - world, lots | elyfs-simsalabin - houses | beatdoc - houses | beaverhausen - hairs | shockshame - hairs | pixelated zombies - hairs | simming with sirens - clothes | vasilla - freckles | i like teh sims - scars |
CC USED: I have pretty much all sets from store, and some hairs, which I’m not going to list all, they’re from the creators listed above 99% of the time. I use the following mods: Master Controller, Traveler, Error Trap, Woohooer, nomosaic. I barely use sliders so it shouldn’t make a big difference in your game if you don’t have them. I have the following defaults: Buffy V2 skin, robokitty's beard defaults. No more CC.
EPs & SPs USED: I used all of them, except for the Katy Perry one, which I don’t have. (Who has that anyway?)

There’s a chance I did something wrong because it’s my first time sharing a save, so if somethings wrong, tell me. And if you download it and play it, be sure to tag me.

TOU: change it hower you want, but don’t reupload my buildings or the other creators’ buildings who are listed above and claim them as your own. Also don’t reupload my sims and claim them as your own, however you can change them any way you want.




White Toyger Kitten (for Male) by Kijiko