Newsea Black Bullet Remi’d - All ages gray linked to black


Credits: Newsea, Martini, Remi


  • package & sims3pack included
  • §35 in Wall Decor
  • 10 Variations, not recolorable

Mesh by ATS3, images by HopAndPop, TRMdesign, and WillowLanePrints at Etsy(I can’t remember the other creators, will update later).


Anyone know where I can find Tifa’s ts2 stuff?



Her simscave thread appears to be gone.


More Tifa

Those lips everyone seems to want :)

And some more files

Hope that helps!



Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I think I will be the first one to use the tag s4cc ! ;D

Even if I like the graphic style of the new Sims, I was a bit disappointed by the color choices for the eyes. Most of them were too saturated for me. Now that I’m able to change this, with the new version of s4pe, I want to share the result with you !

They are not perfect, but maybe they will be useful for you ! Just put the file in the Mods folder of the demo.

Download - Mediafire

I highly suggest downloading S4PE and checking out the CAS Recolor Tool if you have the demo!


[SEMLLER] Simone_Rocha_Hi_Brogues for YA/A Female

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • Mesh and textures by me
  • Transparent Sole

Semller Simone Rocha Hi Brogues : DOWNLOAD

Don’t reupload and/or claim as your own.
Please tag #Semller if you use my creations


[SEMLLER] Simone_Rocha_Perspex_Oxfords for YA/A Female

  • 3 Recolourable channels
  • Mesh and textures by me
  • Transparent Sole

Semller Simone Rocha Perspex Oxfords : DOWNLOAD

Don’t reupload and/or claim as your own.
Please tag #Semller if you use my creations


Joe’s Corner - Coffee Shop & Comic Store.

You favorite comic is out in stores and you can get it before work but won’t have time for breakfast? Worry not! At Joe’s corner, you can buy the best and latest comics as well as enjoy a good coffee or delight at the coffee shop. Joe knows what’s best for you!

Sooo, I am going to try and make it as simple as possible (I did include a Read Me file in the download, no worries!)

  • This lot is 95% University Life EP & Base Game items! So basically, if you do not have University Life, do not download this lot for your game. It is listed as a 20x15 Hangout lot.
  • I use 4 items from other EP/SPs: Plant from Into the Future EP, Table Candle from Late Nate EP, Plant & Modular Chair from 70s, 80s, 90s SP. In other words: none of these are required for the lot to look similar. Plants and table lights can easily be replaced! About the modular chairs, I know some came with Late Night, certainly Showtime and you can also find some great ones with the Store Boardwalk Set and with Aurora Skies. If you can’t find any but would like to have some modular sofas for the lot, message me and we will work something out :3
  • Last, but not least, I used 2 items from the Store: The Bookshelf from the Stones Throw Greenhouse & the light strings from the Brunch at the Old Mill set.
  • I made 3 items from EP/SPs mentioned above base game compatible for those who would like them. You’ll find them in a separate folder in the archive. I also included the 2 Store items so you can grab them if you really want them.
  • Package file only, to be placed in your Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library folder.

And I think that’s it! Now go download and if you have any question/problem, message me and I will be happy to help :)

TOU: Do not claim as your own or reupload on free/pay/adfly websites.

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire | Mega


Was happy with how this came out but idk if I’ll ever use it much tbh so I’ll share it. Newsea black bullet chopped, scalp still by newsea, shockshame textures. Slight mesh edit, just sloppily cut out a bit but I don’t see any issues with it so hopefully it’s all good? 



— requested by anon. <3

  • edited the star/horseshoe stencil off the 2nd preset (i personally don’t like it & i’m sure i’m not the only one, lol. :P)
  • any questions or concerns, pls let me know!