Sailor moon Polo and tatoo - BY NANA

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I thought the name would be fitting for the events of today :3

simbunny recently requested that I recolour Chumcha’s debowified crop tops in some of Aelia’s colours so that’s what I’ve done. All 22 of Aelia’s Retro colours are included with a swatch and correctly named files for easy picking and choosing!

Made Using Color Magic, S4PE and Photoshop CS5


EA for the mesh
Chumcha for the debowification and base textures
Aelia for the colour actions




Yay, they’re done!  All* of nnnilou's Onomatopoeia eyes as NON-DEFAULTS!  

They have custom color swatches that I tried to get as close to the actual eye color as possible for better identification in CAS.  The colors I used for the defaults ARE included so don’t be alarmed if you have the defaults too and see double.  One swatch is missing from the color chart, a third pink that’s plain pink vs the orange-y pink and greyish pink in the chart.  It would have ruined the pretty chart so just use your imagination XD  Some of the colors are also so close as to be indistinguishable (unless you’re staring at the dds files until your eyes cross like I did) but for the sake of completeness, I DID THEM ALL*!

*Except the alien recolor.  It’s already available at bonehildastreasurechest, so I didn’t do that one.  Go pick it up there!

Model: engrampixels' Alice Jenkins, who is mightily adorable and I love her to pieces.  She's available on the Gallery under her Origin ID, engramau.

ToU: Please don’t reupload, ESPECIALLY to paysites/adfly.  Most of the credit belongs to nnnilou, I just did a lot of copy-pasting and some fudging around in photoshop/s4pe/Color Magic.

Download ALL

Download unnaturals only (includes purples, reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, and blind)

Download naturals only (includes everything else)


Buyable Beach Towels (with custom script) by icarus_allsorts

Mod Description

While doing some object recategorizing I found the Island Paradise beach towels which I decided to make purchasable in game. Though they make for nice decorations, I was slightly disappointed to find that sims couldn’t use them to relax and sunbathe on. So instead I chose to clone the beach towel object and attach a custom script to it that comes with custom interactions to allow sims to use them and choose between the available patterns for both the towel and attached umbrella.

Info and Download:

Mod The Sims

* so awesome!


AL Unique Separator in Anna’s Colors
Hey, simmers, I’m still here :D Even though I’m loving Sims 4, I think we always come back to Sims 2 because it’s just so perfect. I got an anonymous request for this, and I said I needed a few days, but I got inspired so here they are :D All 30 colors, in black and white frames.

Download links: Mediafire - Box

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30 Lipstick Overlays that work with the 95 Skin Color Overlays! by Simsperience

RAINBOW PASTEL HAIR - 3 recolors (FrenchBraidBun/LongStraight/LongRocker)
[ Download .RAR ]

If you like them, tell me and I will do more recolors!

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Alesso Lion

Download : Mediafire

teen-elder,hoz texture,awt action,alesso mesh

Newsea Amor

Download : Mediafire

teen-elder,hoz texture,awt action,newsea mesh



I’ve made this slider over a year ago since I couldn’t find one quite like it and I thought it might be helpful to other people, as well. The slider works for all ages and genders, although the effect is more subtle on children. It’s great by itself if you want to create a very straight arch. I haven’t noticed any clipping in my game and I feel that it goes really well with other lip sliders that are available.


This seems important. 




The Sims 4: “Move Objects On” Mod by Twisted Mexican

Twisted Mexican has just released an automatic “Move Objects On” mod in The Sims 4. He has also included a cheat command to disable it, so be sure to check out the mod page for more information on this mod.

Guys guys guys guys SQUEEEEEEEEEE!