Disclaimer: I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m still experimenting and learning and I may not know all the answers to any questions about lighting. Or life in general.

But HERE are my lighting tweaks that people have been asking about. This will give you:

  • brighter sunlight
  • more intense shadows
  • dynamic shadows by dDefinder
  • slightly bigger sun and moon
  • less bloom

Sunrise and sunset are set to default 6am/6pm.

This can be used alone if you don’t have a lighting mod, and will preserve the colors of whatever world you’re playing, since this only affects light and shadow.

OR if you already have a lighting mod, you can import these tweaks into it. Open your existing lighting mod in S3PE, select Resource>Import>From package…and select the file.

**I use this combined with a slightly modified Cloud Nine by brntwaffles


Birchwood meadow

Fully furnished, cc free, two storey family home. Three bedrooms (one with bunk bed and crib), three bathrooms, combined kitchen and dining room, living room etc etc. There is also some animal stuff scattered around the house, and a dog house in the backyard


  • Pets, supernatural and university
  • 1.63 patch or up

If there’s anything causing problems (like the CFE stairs), let me know :) Enjoy!


!Do not re-upload or claim as your own! also, if you download it and post pictures of it here on simblr, please do tag the posts with ‘simsplification’ or the house name, I’d love to see c:


Tattoo #2 (accessory tattoo)

Download (MF)


Skysims 225 retextured. AF only.
Mesh by Skysims.
Texture by Pooklet, EA Control by Anubis.



For my 1,500 follower gift I give you a set of fully CASTable cameo frames for your decorating pleasure! <3 

The channels are shown above and can be used for any color of pattern you wish! These can be found in Wall Decorations and coast $20.

Thank you all for following me and my crazy sim adventures! 

Mesh by EA
Art by me




Mesh edit + Retexture by simsimi 

  • simsimi M adidas logo t-shirts
  • simsimi M 77 Baggy pants edit (original - the77sim3♥)

Adult Male  download or download

Model : Gustaaf + Ian +Parker +Sion + Albi

++ Do not re-upload my creations!! ++

++ Thanks to all testers :D ++


Tropical Tops by Ziva


Zivas Blog



Make your Sims feel close to nature like never before! With its lush and colorful gardens, your Sims will rest in a field of flowers while drinking their afternoon tea under the cool shade of the gazebo. Go in the fruit garden and pick up some delicious fresh fruits that will satisfy your Sims’ hunger. No matter what you do in The Old Aspen Botanical Garden, your Sims will sure feel one with nature!

Lot Information

  • Type: Small Park
  • Size: 30x40
  • Aerial View and More Photos: x x x x 

Required Content

  • EPs: Pets
  • SPs: None
  • Store Sets & Items: List included in the text file
  • More info: in the “Info and Installation” file

DOWNLOAD (.package)

Install the lot into your Library folder. Feel free to tag me if you use my lot in your photos! I’d like to see what you do with it!



Dip-dyed gradients of a mesh by Alesso I retextured with Nymphy’s curls and up for download (also posted them at GoS)

They are named after Pokemon cause Pokemon is very important. 

Credits: Nymphy (textures), Pooklet (colour actions), Alesso (mesh)

It works from toddler to elder stages, mesh is included c: 

-Download Link-

gorgeous dip-dyed hairs and pokemon????? yes pls!!


6500+ followers’ gift.  Sorry for the crappy previews, but they’re so very draining…


Three variations of cuffed jeans for your YA/A males!  They’re for everyday wear, and… I never pay attention to that part now that I think about it.  Styles 2 and 3 have a non-recolorable ‘overlay’ preset.  Style 2 has four recolorable channels while 1 and 3 have three.  Sorry for the lack of channel previews.  I thought I took some for all, but I failed.

Mesh is a mash-up I did to ‘fix’ an EA mesh and make it low-rise.  Textures are by EA and from the Diesel stuff pack.  SHOULD be base-game compatible, but please let me know if they’re not.  Compressorized and optimized.

They all morph wonderfully, though the LODs are a bit lame (but there!).  Custom thumbnails.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you don’t claim you made them or link to them via AdFly or similar or make money off the things I give away for free.  I can’t believe I have to tell people not to be an asshole.