Cupcake Skin

Finally the time has come when I posted my first skintone.
Please do not use the details of this skin for you skintones!
Based on the skin from momosims



Followers Request Gift Part 3

[SEMLLER] Raf_Simons_Rivet for YA/A Male/Female

  • 4 Recolourable channels
  • Mesh and textures by me

DOWNLOAD : Dropbox / Mediafire

Don’t reupload and claim as your own.
You may convert only to other Sims games with credit.
Please tag #Semller if you use my creations.




wOW i literally cannot believe!!!! so many ppl follow me!!!! u guys are the literal best pls take this meager offering as a gesture of my complete adoration of you all.  first, you will get 5 recolors of this dress by rented-space which i just had to recolor thE SECOND i saw them.  two of the dresses have a sailor moon henshin brooch on the chest, and i made them for AF, TF, and CF.  second, 3 recolors of this dress by azaya.  third, 4 recolors of this dress by trapping.  next, 5 recolors of this dress by azaya.  fifth, mouseyblue’s stained lips in nyren’s kosmik colors!!!  and finally, my first ever painting recolors on the maxis lone daisy mesh!!! (the frame will look different if u dont have the default replacement by currantpotpie, who’s preview pic style i have just copied :P) also here is an unedited picture of the paintings because i just realized they look kinda washed out/too bright in the edited pic. i hope you like, and thanks again for following me!! 

models are various lunawing sims and magenta fritter by azaya.  patterns are from spoonflower, colourlovers, and my vast texture folder.  everything is compressorized and meshes are included!


i had this posted privately so jessy could approve of it and whatnot before i released it and now its not showing up on ur dash so have a reblog!!! thanks again for following me i hope u like this!!! <3<3



1750 1850 followergift 

I made some new onesies! 

Do Not Claim As Your Own && No Re-Uploading

Download (.package)


Two I often see on real babies, one cc wish and one I challenged myself to do.

Last baby hat-set for the moment, but I’m having a bunch of ideas for other baby content :)

Download at MTS


All University Life Maternity Enabled Defaults (33)

  • Two outfits not shown in picture above because the mesh wasn’t needed. They are now maternity enabled though.


Interaction / issues (click to read)

  • For taking pictures, these work best with custom poses.
  • All dresses/skirts have a noticeable issue with fatter sims. More so on the end of the scale.

You can put them in your package folder. If for some reason the belly aren’t showing up put in override folder.

Thanks to


Download Link = University Life Defaults (Separated Files with Pictures)

This is my last of my Maternity Series. Miss any?

  1. Hidden Base Game Maternity Defaults
  2. Base Game Maternity Defaults
  3. World Adventures Maternity Defaults
  4. Ambitions Maternity Defaults
  5. Late Night Maternity Defaults
  6. Generations Maternity Defaults
  7. Pets Maternity Defaults
  8. Showtime Maternity Defaults
  9. Supernatural Maternity Defaults
  10. Seasons Maternity Defaults
  11. University Life Maternity Defaults (You’re on it)
  12. Island Paradise Maternity Defaults
  13. Into the Future Maternity Defaults

Have a good day/night/morning? /(.^‥^.)/


I decided to x-post these items from my Livejournal since I’m not as active on there as I am here.

The original post where I first uploaded these items can be found HERE (all links for the items there are dead).

Not all items from the original post are included in this entry, I’ll upload those at a later time.

Bedding Set: Download

Bed Pillows: Download

Pulp/Sci-Fi Paintings: Download

Mix Bag: Download

Holy Simoly Concrete Walls: Download

Ima Set: Download

Tori Gate + Shishi Statue: Download


Baggy Short Dress for Young + Adult Female.
Download on my Blogger!!


Favourites, part 16/?


Threadandsandpaper Anes Shiftable Bed + HugeLunatic Anes Single Bedframe, recolour by Shastakiss (x) (x) (x)

- bedding by OhBehave (x)

Sims 3 Generations Bare Bones Bunk Bed, converted by HCove (x)

- bedding by smart-spell (x)

Ja Amelia’s Followers Single Bed, Posts & Ladder - recolour by Yuichen (x) (x)

- bedding by CuriousB (x)

Veranka Hipster Loft Pretentious Single Bed, Bunk & Ladder add-ons (x)

- bedding by kaputt-geliebt (x)