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The Sims 4 Cheats 

The Cheat Console can be brought up by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the following text into the
text input field that appears at the top of the screen.
• “Help” - Lists all available commands into the command console. 
This will only list cheats available to the players.
• “resetSim {FirstName} {LastName}” - Resets the Sim.
• “fullscreen” - toggles full screen on or off
• “headlineeffects {on/off}“ - Hides all headline effects including the Plumbbob, thought balloons, etc.
• “|Death.toggle” - Disables Death so that Sims don’t die.
• “FreeRealEstate [on|off]” - Can be entered at neighborhood/world. If on, all homes are free while
the cheat is active.
• “motherlode” - provides 50000 Simoleons
• “kaching” - provides 1000 Simoleons
• “rosebud” - provides 1000 Simoleons
• Pressing “Shift + ]” increases the size of objects
• “testingcheats {true/false}” - Enables the use of further cheats
Entering “testingcheats true” , then entering “cas.fulleditmode” allows all CAS abilities.
Interaction Cheats are available by Shift+Clicking on objects and Sims once the player types in “testingcheats true” in the command console.
Shift Clicking on Sims –
- “Reset Object”, which will reset the Sim.
- “Add to Family” which adds the Sim to the current family.
- “Cheat Motive  Make Happy” which sets all motives to full and set mood to Happy.
- “Cheat Motive  Disable Motive Decay” which allows all motives to remain static (if they had been enabled).
- “Cheat Motive  Enable Motive Decay” which allows all motives to change dynamically (if they had been disabled).
Shift Clicking on objects
- “Reset Object”, which will reset the object.
Shift Clicking on dirtyable objects (ex: toilet, sink)
- “Make Dirty”, which will make the object dirty.
Shift Clicking on already dirty objects
- “Make Clean”, which will make the object clean.
Shift Clicking on the mailbox
- “Reset Object”, which will reset the object.
Shift Clicking on the ground
- “Teleport Me Here” which Teleports the selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as it can.
Shift Clicking on a Sim
- “Modify in CAS” will allow editing of everything but name change
and modifying inherited traits.

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Boxed Planters Set by D2Diamond



The Sims 4: Fixing “Blurry” or “Grainy” Looking Sims


When starting The Sims 4, if you find that your Sims look “Blurry” or “Grainy”, head into the game options and “tick” Uncompressed Sim Textures. This will eliminated the grainy textures on your Sim.

09-02-14_1-45 AM

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Notice me, Senpai! - Kawaii Girl Pose Pack

I haven’t been in a playing mood, but I have been in a creative mood. So I made some quick poses!



Pose List Compatible.


Available for teen-elder. Disabled for random. Cloned. Compressed. Custom Thumbnails. 



Click on the images to see them in full resolution!

I’m almost 700, but anyway, didn’t want to wait. First of all, I don’t have enough words to thank you guys for being always so nice and kind, I’m really happy I had joined this community full of amazing people ♥ And now to the goodies! :D

• First, there are 3 sets of recolors of MissTiikeri’s 3to2 conversion of Modish Kitten accesory kimonos. I put them into three sets because they’re in different styles and that way is easier to choose what you like. The mesh is included. I just realized they’re unisex, sorry for not taking previews in males, but the kimonos are the same D:

Swatches: Pyres of Varanasi / Was It A Dream? / Northern Lights

• A set of 22 t-shirts for AF on eir-sims’ gender conversion of Rented-Space’s 3to2 loose t-shirts using some of lemonlion’s textures and bands/singers logos. There are two versions of the Nirvana and Sex Pistols because I couldn’t decide which ones I liked most. The mesh is included as well, will make them for AM soon! :)

Swatches Alone Together: 1 / 2

• And last but not least, a set of eyes on Mouseyblue’s sclera and textures found in Google Search. 

Swatches Convergence

All the previews and swatches are included in the .rar (guess that’s why it’s heavy). I did a ton of recolors o.o

Thank you again for all the follows, likes and reblogs. I love you so much ;_; 



Basic Activewear by RustyNail


Rusty Nail



REQ Eyelids sliders

  • All ages
  • located in Eyes—Eyelids

This basically does the same as Ahmad’s but without the iris moving.(comparison pic)


Download link for Eyelids Length

Download link for Eyelids_Width


Other Sliders

Must load game NOW



(technically I am posting this 8 followers too soon but it fits with the August GoS theme so what the hey!)

I’m pretty smitten with Sailor Moon as of late what with the reboot and just general nostalgia

So without further ado I present a bunch of BOWS!!!!!ONE!1!

Two sets, Moon Prism Power which has the bows in the different colours for all the scouts with their brooch colour in the centre (swatch) and Moon Cosmic Power which is just four bows with different SM patterns that I grabbed off of Google (swatch)

I know it’s nothing huge but so far this is the extent of my CC making skills. I promise I’ll get better


  • LemonLeaf for the original TS3 bow
  • CuriousB for converting it and uploading the PSD for recolours
  • The pattern creators (I’m sorry I couldn’t find their original designers) 
  • Sailor Moon for being hella

Okay I think that covers everything now go DOWNLOAD

And thank you all for following me, it means so much <3


Sims 2 Bonus Items Master Post

I’ve uploaded every Sims 2 bonus item from various different places into compilations so you can download them all much, much easier. I’ve reorganized everything as well so you can find specific files more efficiently. All items have been updated and fixed as needed.

Store Items - DOWNLOAD

Pre-order Items - DOWNLOAD

Miscellaneous Items - DOWNLOAD

Also, in case anyone missed them before, I have the Sims 2 Prima eGuides HERE.